A Rape by Accident Code Blue The Force


heavy breathing Fear
the sky is bleeding
drops of blood on my face
voices breathe loud
Blur in and out
Stay still
It’s alright
Help is coming

His large sensible hands
sculpt my body
He is so blue it must be so cold
his red hair
maybe the sky bled on his head
His hand is angry
His hair so red his angry hand
a fist full of my face
and it’s so blue here so much blue I’m so cold

Is this a migraine is it
I ask the ghost she n two others
trying to button my shirt
I laugh
a ghost can’t hold earthly things
my legs
who has my legs
Am I screaming
I’m lost
riddles write the walls here
all around me
painted by the yellow smell of urine and cigarettes

just like that
Sign your name
n I can’t
Go a voice yelling at me GO
A grey voice grey eyes grey hair
I’m giggling like a child
am I
I don’t know if I’m a child
I think about this
I think I am

the sky is grey wet
Like a sloppy mouth dribbling on me
and I’m lost
So lost
in this colour grey nothing

like a surprise fear
Ive no memory

I curl my body I am just a child still
my loss becomes like a comfy chair
I take it everywhere with me now
and for many years after
I carry this chair I stay in it

That night
I was a passenger
in an accident
the last thing I remember of this
I was sitting in the front in the seat

the first thing I remember after
is leaving the police station

The last thing I remember
is seeing my body
even my skin colour had changed
I was black n blue all over
with the imprint of bite marks
eating away at my breasts

great red welts
skin grazed raw to a ripe red scream
between my legs

my hair was a rusty red dye
that bled till the water became clear
That night I was raped
By a code blue
from virgin shell
thrown torn battered the flesh of my skin
feasted on by monsters
left to be devoured by the grey mouth
of an unknown morning place
with no memory
of who I am
expected to then grow
to someone I know

Written on behalf of all those who have been at the mercy of #police violent hands corrupt #system #Aus