Why Didn’t You Call Before You Came



you unreasonably
never make appointment
of time
then expect all to follow
your hand at play
I think your unsuitable
for the position
You lack the compassion
empathy required
for the decency of others
in such times
With nil consideration
For those leaving
you know what I think
you were a gambler
Before you got this gig
No self respecting spirit
would want to be the one
Who decides who stays who dies
You likely tossed two up
in n alley
nothing so sophisticated
as a legal establishment
you don’t even dress as n official
for such grief
requires effort
n you there in your trackers
A cap WTF is that
Yes I saw you tonight
You sat on the edge of my friends bed
I felt you with my third eye
n I saw you yawn
Don’t think you’ll get away with this
you’ll have to deal with me
sooner or later
n I’ll take my bloody time
My friend has your number
oh yes we know there’s more than just you
it’s a shift workers position
so quit the act
Of being all of this n that
your just a dead person
picking up the dead
But you
You did my friend wrong
he didn’t really have to go
I believe I truly do
that you were slack
n if you had been attentive
As there must be rules
He could have made it
but he didn’t
It’s you who let him go
I can’t forgive you
I can’t
I can’t
I can’t
I detest you
You could have let him stay
just a lil longer
I know he was crossing over
But you gave me no warning
you gave him No Warning I bet

All I wanted was a few more chances
to change his mind
Show him
If he could have just seen
what I had did you know perfectly well

what that’s about

Perhaps he may have decided to stay

you never gave him this chance

I don’t like you death
I just don’t like you
Your too final
It’s too much
for living to grasp
When it’s suddenly invisible gone
There is no anything left
I’m sorry death
I’m all screwed up
like waste paper that’s missed the basket
n a wind has picked me up
Tossed me on the street
Cars are hurtling pass
Missing me by the very skin I’m in

I’m crazed by your presence

I just miss my friend
His life
was so full of sadness pain
I just don’t understand
Why life can be so cruel for so long
n death
Death never takes a life time to leave
But life takes so much from the one who’s life in the end always has to leave
n all involved that loved this life
It all seems so back to front wrong
Why does anyone have to be living a life that’s so hard so wrong
Then as quick as a wink
Their day is up
n no one gets to see it any differently
If you’ve been in pain
You don’t get to live without this pain
If you’ve never been loved or love
You don’t get to experience that
Before your times up
It just happens
You stroll in
With no warning
Be it Overdose Cancer Heart Attack Accident Murder
The list is long n frightful
it’s like cross fingers touch wood
if your name gets called
Depending who’s death shift it is
Seems like some you let live
others you let fall

Like tossing a two up
only you get to call ,,,,,


A Rape by Accident Code Blue The Force


heavy breathing Fear
the sky is bleeding
drops of blood on my face
voices breathe loud
Blur in and out
Stay still
It’s alright
Help is coming

His large sensible hands
sculpt my body
He is so blue it must be so cold
his red hair
maybe the sky bled on his head
His hand is angry
His hair so red his angry hand
a fist full of my face
and it’s so blue here so much blue I’m so cold

Is this a migraine is it
I ask the ghost she n two others
trying to button my shirt
I laugh
a ghost can’t hold earthly things
my legs
who has my legs
Am I screaming
I’m lost
riddles write the walls here
all around me
painted by the yellow smell of urine and cigarettes

just like that
Sign your name
n I can’t
Go a voice yelling at me GO
A grey voice grey eyes grey hair
I’m giggling like a child
am I
I don’t know if I’m a child
I think about this
I think I am

the sky is grey wet
Like a sloppy mouth dribbling on me
and I’m lost
So lost
in this colour grey nothing

like a surprise fear
Ive no memory

I curl my body I am just a child still
my loss becomes like a comfy chair
I take it everywhere with me now
and for many years after
I carry this chair I stay in it

That night
I was a passenger
in an accident
the last thing I remember of this
I was sitting in the front in the seat

the first thing I remember after
is leaving the police station

The last thing I remember
is seeing my body
even my skin colour had changed
I was black n blue all over
with the imprint of bite marks
eating away at my breasts

great red welts
skin grazed raw to a ripe red scream
between my legs

my hair was a rusty red dye
that bled till the water became clear
That night I was raped
By a code blue
from virgin shell
thrown torn battered the flesh of my skin
feasted on by monsters
left to be devoured by the grey mouth
of an unknown morning place
with no memory
of who I am
expected to then grow
to someone I know

Written on behalf of all those who have been at the mercy of #police violent hands corrupt #system #Aus