Invisible after the ball

a Question of Age

is what I heard

while out n about

I stepped into

the disco ball bar

a place for those who like a bit of flare

KC Sunshine Diana Ross n a Boogie man DJ

with OMG Can You Believe that Hair !

a youngish man stepping off the edgy twenty’s

perhaps already in the shoes of the shit scared thirty’s

can I still be flirty

has been flirting

with a woman sitting at the bar

whom he obviously can’t tell by looks

her age

and it’s obviously so important

to get it right

it seems …

for him

this question of ones age

god help him if he is sitting enjoying himself with the invisible over fifty something people

cuz this is what I heard him ask

n this is what I heard her say

n thought why this question

about ones age

cuz up to then … for a half hour n some I had saw

this man and woman laugh and talk

with words they shared

in hands of touch for sway


their eyes held each other’s

in moments that both let linger

a littler longer than one might

they were in each others spell

beneath a crystal ball of light

all seemed so right


he asks

so old are you ?

she answers him with a cheeky grin

I got hooked in the 70’s

n spun out on the crystal all through the 80’s

in the 90’s I thought I’d come out

I kissed a girl stopped shaving my legs

then realised that wasn’t for me

went to India to find myself

found I was twenty years too late for all that nonsense

came back  fell in love

had my legs waxed

we lived together for awhiles

then he met another

left me

Personally I think he always wanted a daughter … she smiles at him and signals the barman for refill

So here I am, back again all is well I don’t wax my legs anymore

Im here having a ball spinning round in my past is crystal

she is looking as beautiful as ever  don’t you think so

smiles and points to the crystal ball

Im back in this room of music nostalgic plays

2000 n something

feeling not a day older than 17

why suddenly this question of my age

are you questioning my authenticity
my maturity
if i told you I was past the halfway mark

does that impress you

it impresses me after all I have seen been done and still doing

I could be your mother… Crystal  she laughs out loud
would that make you spin

like the disco ball

What happen after that

you may be asking

He wouldn’t look at her and said not a word

He finished his drink

made a muffled remark of in need to use the lil boys room

n headed out the exit

where he too became invisible

I heard her say to the invisible air

I think he has always yearned for a lil boy

thats the father in em ..after thirty something

a man too becomes aware of his  biological clock

tick tock cock ball less lil bastard

if he was looking for a wife his future son why come to the disco ball room

he’s not too bright … she laughs to herself

taking off like that !

wonder if it was my remark about not waxing my legs

or my age that made him disappear

she than looked across at me and said

but its me who feels invisible yet Im as old as that crystal ball

and she is still so beautiful

The Drought of You


I rain dance for the drought of you

blackbirds die in the wells of your eyes
your chemical love
pin cushions your heart
a toxic beating
your lips now kisses of a dry death
cold twist
for nothing is left
the very vein of you

this sob I hear
a blackbirds cry
as your hip bone cuts
like a sickle moon
into the death bed
of your spoon

I watched as your spirit
slowly committed to a suicide
your pin cushion heart
a strangulation of tourniquets

the hangman of your life
waits with a knowing
for the drought of you will come

your hollow words
now scream at me
echos of your ghost
hanging limp

in an empty well

once full

I rain dance for the drought of you