Always the Sun


the suns light mutes fuzzy daisy

against this envelope of grey sky autumn

where adolescent clouds gather and spit

it seems non stop

all day long

until the wind whirls a whip of lesson

bringing them into rain

mother earth is loving it

she tosses her manes of hair

high from the tree tops

and shakes drops of water

caught in her leaves

that fall in fetal curl

across her belly still green

laid out on a sheet of orange-red yellow leaf

she lets go

of the old

returning to

the earth

she collects herself

a flicker of light

sowing deep a blanket rich

for winter sleep

come spring

a confetti of celebration begins

the pregnancy of new life

gives birth and way

to a bonfire that sparks forth

summers secrets

beneath starry nights

eyes full with the moon

the sunflowers worship

for all seasons to come

mother earths candle

always the sun