beneath my skin


beneath my skin
razor edged nerves cut deep
tread soft my friend
I fear for you will get hurt
I know of nothing else
n for the brave who venture forth
beware the rubble that falls
for I am truly broken
this is just a shell you see
I left long ago
cosmetics have designed my skin’
its all material
nothing here is real
my heart you ask
somewhere I heard long ago
locked inside a cage of bones

Sentenced To Life


seems like yesterday
with the sound of that click
The Freedom Key
is the real prison you shall die in
a life sentence
where society will Isolate your every move
second chances are for those that can pay
n the price is too high
for just the ordinary common life of bad choice n beginnings

Your life will start n end with lies
cuz the system has broken your authentic soul
n your spirit
committed suicide when we caged you for awhiles
Now you didn’t really think did you
there’d be corners to turn
once you’d done your “time”
it’s all square like the cell
the one you tried so hard to reject
n now forget

Laughter as we watched you pace
n you thought
you had not conformed
Oh yes we got you
good n proper
You didn’t see this coming
why you can’t even get a job
unless you lie
n dare you dare you tell the truth
Yes you’ve been there too
Haven’t you
n you saw where that got you

A promised smile of Oh That’s Ok
You’ve been clean for over ten or more years
so it says here Done No wrong
n You leave feeling Good for awhiles
It’s cleaning other people’s shit
but it’s a job You can start having Aims n Goals
Getting paid
n then just when your thinking you were wrong
that Boss that smiled n said Oh That’s Ok
Well He decides to have his way

Took you more than a few assaults
We give it to you
Even take our hats off
You certainly know how to stay strong
n really we even have heart
for your type are quite naive
To think you can n should be able to
“Have a Life” start again
That after all the corruption
you have seen
You still try to believe

Oh yes how you try
That deep within people are good
that people are fair
n justice does exist
n if you just try n don’t give up

So to make it clear
in that head of yours
there ant nothing out
that ant done in
to your type
n that’s what you’ll always be thought of
As That Type
Even the friends you may think you have made
Will point the figure at you
at any wrong
Yes They’ll Think It was you
They won’t look for the truth

So Isolation is all you’ve got
n if you’ve made a roof over your head
you be thankful for that
Cuz it can be taken in a second
You just watch yourself

Freedom Huh Second Chances n Prove Yourself
n all of that
are our favourite things
It’s the Systems carrot
it gets you bunnies every time
Most come willingly back to the hole
Generations of habituals come n go
but they always come back
Good for business
but you know that

even You
who thinks your better than that
n your never coming back

It’s taken you some time
n that’s all you got
Nothing else
no family no friends no job career no love
Just fear
of the knowing
even though you made it out
you never left
your just turning your own key
to your own isolation