you touch her with your perfect words

she watches shy from the corner of her mind

sees the stallion burning ashen black

rear its hooves 

in crystal sands 

as feathered wings of shadows 

fall dark across her path 

she walks blind 

into the trust 

for your perfect words 

fall deep into the well of the stallions eye  

a beast that once lived at sea 

now treads this earth 

protecting her from birds of prey

for they bruise the thin blue skin of skies 

their cries are talons sharp

they would rip her eyes out 

this psyche slips like silk into the dark arcade of her mind

of your word 


for you have seen things 

and she has seen done’s 

is your word diamonds or bones 

could the dust fly like an arrow 

she shakes her mane 

the colour of sun bleached and shoots her bow

from her cage 

she tears her heart out 

and throws 

into the promise of your words






in my minds eye 

you are beautiful 

shaped in a curve 

next to me you lay 

holding me in your eyes

a thousand miles above 

you are my moon 

my star my love 

I say your name 

you touch me 

a moon high

Im your star

next to you 


in love 

In the shadow of you



stripped like a bark less tree

my trunk empty of you

my shadow now leans on me 


as your snowy words fall 


in memory 

these frozen words

thawing out 

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you 

for leaving me naked here 


with all the past 

tattoos running blue 

from my eyes 

fuck you fuck you 

what excuse you have 

but I 

was sleeping 

in the shadow of you.




hanging out

like I have no earth 

to stand on 



Sugar Coats





this has got to lie down

the lie

you keep

this has got to be  brave

the secrets that you hide

this has got to cry out loud

all the rage the anger you seek

cause I am just an island

on my own here

and I cant help but wonder why

like an iron hot spit

sparking bright

you turned me inside out

stripped my skin raw

salted my pain with your tears

then sugar coated all your lines

in a rock mooned night of crimes

breaking my beats

this one heart of mine

is a million crimes

of love dying alone


is not a goodbye

Into my way of you

a serenade of shadows 

passing over me 

clouds black eye my pirate mind

don’t bring me down now 

just when I’ve found high 

climbing mountains in your eyes 

today was vague till I spoke to you

right now Im next to you 

like a moon curl 

in the darkness

walking the hallways of your mind 

lighting candles 

flickered light 

into my way of you 




Sounds of you distant,
Words drift like clouds
past me
I freeze you out
like a snow thick fall
My wall builds
concrete blocks
setting quickly
before you can turn
me out
I have arrived
at my own destination

I knew you well once
you who was so troubled frightened lost
we shared many things
but now time has even past me
I cant take you with me
It was you who brought me here
and in the long years
I realise
you saved my life
but I am not you any more
I am now my own person
and its my time
You will be remembered
for many many things
here ~ now and then
but history must be made and left

One day
I will come back
I will find you
in the rubble
that small quiet voice
I will hopefully have the strength by then
to do you right
claim you as mine
you wont recognise me probably
I’ll be all grown up

When my cell door was finally left open
and I could run to freedom
I heard them say
Don’t you ever ,.. the rest was lost in the past