Births of Tomorrow’s


above epileptic blue
the mouth of the sky opens
frothing clouds of white
the pregnancy of a new day
holding on to the embryo
of tomorrow
with new hope


A lemon scented night
for a quarter of a moon
brought you priceless

sun bleached and tangled
seaweed and hair
sand between toes
blackberry bruised fingers
and peeling skin kissed red nose
looking for shells

I have received the same perfume
for as long as I can remember
I wonder as I sit

September: the boy who was born with blue eyes

September blue

this name I gave

and secretly called out to you

for as fast as I passed out

so you were born and passed out to strangers hands

who laid you in a crib with no hand or arms

no breasts

no blood warmth of flesh

against your skin only

a blanket of acrylic

fake comfort

and I know how you must have cried

for your tears were mine

our eyes tears of September Blues

each year like clockwork you bury deep within my skin

around in fetal curl the memory of you breaks my heart

September blue

I cry out the loudest of silent screams

as this month once again repeats itself

the ground i stand on caves in beneath

burying me into the deepest darkest pit

no sound or sight

I loose everything within me

I feel every tiny piece of my skin dissolve into nothing

I loose speech I cannot say a word

I have no words left to say

I cannot move

there is no light in this place

there is nothing but a gut wrenching stab

I scream inwards the pain of loss grief

stand in the deafening silence within me

where am I

where do you take me

i fear this is where i left you

my dear beautiful baby blue

September blue

Depression is the name they have given you

I shun this name

its like the colour of death bluer than blue

I shun next year

I know you will come

For three months my grief is a tidal wave of tears

with no where to go I choke on my mouthless face of empty words

I suffocate in the silence of my minds memory

September October November

the first letter of each month S O N

was this coincidence or fate

each year my son comes back to bury me alive

I cant blame him

I was his mother

and I passed out when he was born

what sort of mother does that

when I opened my eyes you were gone




Somewhere out in the world

You wake from sleep

No different from anyone else in this world

You drink You eat You sneeze

You piss n shit

put out your garbage

mow your lawn

Pick your nose

Fart burp swear

make love

Make anger your thirst

Somewhere in this world there is You

Who doesn’t think

About any of this shit

your name I know well


you wear a mask of the caretakers of life

oh my name you ask


everything you represent

The Maker n Taker of Being Human


The Dance of Odd Balls


Such is the dance
that leaves odd balls
lost in life
sitting in dark corners
wearing masks
sugar coated
with nothing real inside

don’t even know yourself
to fill quarter of a room
never alone
The kiss kiss
BIG smiles
pleased to sees YOU’s
popularity poles
that all
love to cling
slide and swing

NO YOU sit and hide shy
with that shell of yours
WHATS to talk of
star signs ?
and whats more frightening
to being out of it
or in
that shell you carry
like a crab has
on its back
moving sideways
never fronting your fears
not even when you catch a glimpse
of yourself
do you stand Tall Proud
and reflect
your reflection
even that of your own image
that you now make
since long ago
the gods must be crazy parents
you propped up on pedestals
and left you to deal with a world
your so quick to reject


But here’s the deal
once you give in
You give up on yourself
and all of the above is going to become
your lowest point in the world
your not a sad reflection
your not an affliction
Don’t let the phonies
push you back
in that shell
Get out now
while you can
Stop living your life in a trance
or this will be
your last chance
to show the world
Odd balls
can dance



The Drought Of You

I rain dance for the drought of you

Blackbirds die in the wells of your eyes
Your chemical love
pumps through your heart a toxic beating
Your kisses now give a death cold twist
for nothing is left
but the death of you

Your spirit
I watch
Slowly commits suicide
Still is your pin cushion heart
Toxic beatings bruise the cruise of your life
now a drought
Your hollow words
scream at me

I rain dance for the drought of you