#Adelaide The Stagnant Fools

I stood like a reminder
of your Christians beliefs
of xmas
to resemble the Cross
in the mid life of traffic
a crisis of happenings
my hands
pleas to help
for these two Human Beings
It could have been you
your love one
someone you knew
40 Degree Heat
n you think it was Ok
to speed on pass
like I was a farQing fly
n these people
What? weren’t worthy of your time

I Guarantee your all on Social Media
Posting Stories of Lost dogs n
Oh Shake n Can’t hold back your tears
to the horror you read see n hear
n Here You all are
Adelaide 98% of you
will say you believe in God
Go to Church
n live by the Christian belief Right?
Help your fellow man/woman
Do the Right Thing
call yourselves Caring Kind n Sharing
Responsible … Hmmm

You make me feel sick in disbelief
n this has just been Two days
Of what I’ve seen
In this Finger Pointing Frown
Called a City
Church on every corner

Rednecks of Migrants Catholics
Oh how quick your memory has faded
when there’s talk of refugees
n You … English Person
Church of England
The Methodist Baptist Later Day Saints n Likes
Morons Not Mormons the Lot of you
Dare to use the Muslim Crisis too I bet
Shake your heads In mistrust
The English
Who’s Ancestors Committed Acts of Crime Tortore against Humanity
Abuse Racisim Death Murders Attempted Genocide Rape Inequality STILL in 2015 of Sexes n so much so much more
Whom created a White Power Government
That’s Well n Alive Today in Oz

oh Yes it’s definitely all Down Under her Swept beneath Lies n deceit

I’ve Seen It All
Experienced it All in Varying Degrees

Then yesterday n today
Two unrelated incidents of people that called
for help in need  by passerby’s both walking driving sitting
Yes You who were there on these days

The worst of offenders
Terrorising myself n the needy
You who were driving straight by
Deliberately Ignoring
Side Swerving Abusing my pleas for someone
To stop

Monsters in metal shells
plastic exteriors
of shiny cosmetic fronts
Private n State Schooled all alike regardless of your dollar or not
human beings in dire straits
not One of you stopped
to help me Help Them
These Two People Someones mother father
Grandparent sister brother

A Veteran of WW2 #Norwood #TheParade
A Mother Wife daughter aunt #StBernardsRoad #Rostrevor
Both needing your help
n All of You Hundreds n Hundreds
Ignored my flagging hands to just stop
Give Five mins max of your time
to Help n Old Man cross a road
A middle aged Women stranded on the road
You drove so fast right past
Giving no thought
to hitting Our fragile shells of skin flesh n bone  with your metal n plastic
rubber wheeled machines

South Australians