Ode to that dope some have called love


she sleeps
like a moon in slumber
in love with her dope
she says that she loves him

n her dope loves her back

as he gives her a lil playful poke

a tiny steel tooth sharp glints

like a wink catching light

making her blink

her eyes pin cushion the bite

like a vampire

she watches

the  sucking back of her blood

OH but he gives it all back to me

she laughs

to those that question such things

and look proof … with lil love bites of bruise

nothing one could call abuse

this love they said would never last

well its 20 years

down track

n she’s still sleeping with that dope

n her family’s still holding onto hope

that one day this lover

whom they’re told is undercover

will let go of the tourniquet

n make his own tracks


they would never tell her this

she’d only feel deceived

not free