Headlights Face the Sea

above the darkness grows 
like ivy climbing walls 
I sit with sand and shell 
and the headlights face the sea 
surfing whispers intimate 
a silent moon of tai chi 
and silhouettes
into tiny grains 
the absence that has grown
in me
I count the silence of the stars
and find myself adrift 
in a space filled with darkness
the headlights face the sea 

Out Of the Blue


the heartbeat of the sky


open like a door

my eyes see songs

in the clouds of your eyes


bells rang in the valleys of our minds

as we ran and rolled a memory

round the sparks of fire flying

in the sky

till blue

I think of you as

I knit a cloud of scarf long as the horizon

and wrap it warm

round the rubble of my mind

where you lay me down

and cut me out from your kiln

leaving me


as a summers sky

I spread my wings with minds eye

I am

out of the blue

Silly Love Songs Birdie


lil birdies singing love songs to me

as the sun goes down

the shadows of trees

leaning on me

oh lil birdie your looking at me

way up there

high in the tree

I see

your always there

just waiting for me

singing your love songs

so I let the air tease me free

with your feather in my cap

Im up there with you

cuz I got you lil birdie

singing love songs to me


teardrops in your eyes



that whisper in the distance 

my connection to confession 

an eye in the storm

is what you wrote me last time

when I left the world behind 

in a reflection of the moons light 

I ripple to your touch 

I am like water to a stone 

when you hit me with your words 

I laugh with each step you stride upon me 

in a crunch of fall i leave in a curl of autumn 

with the winds 

just a whisper of me 

I am the stream in your life line 

touch me I run with the wind 

I am the water you spill 

I am water of the minds eye 

I am the rain that falls below 

on thirsty earths I leave my print 

of  a tear drop

in your eyes 

I Wish I Had Wings


I wish I had wings

so I could fly

over yonder paradise

where I lay

looking up

waiting for me

I wish I had wings

ones that fly

without a key

Id fly over the top of the waters

not here at the bottom

where I am looking up

where we, all of us

are always looking up

thinking here we all are

looking down

on top of the waters

yet how telling is this vision

I wish I had wings