a write about nothing

because now I can at least write

that’s got to be worth something


all my life
I’ve been a prisoner
not just Institution

first a violent child life

told I must have dreamt

next a violent man no different from above

except one terrible terrible act

if a god you cruel bastard

my child only two years old


no one ever asked said a thing

tried to help regardless of my pleas

will not speak of this more it is too much too much

then hours spent with people
I never knew outside four walls
endless despair
no friend
no escape

i was a loyal soldier to a man I never knew even his name

nor where he came from family nothing nothing nothing

insanity to live this way

the only thing I did not have to wear was a burka

i could not write a thing on paper

own anything I had a futon bed no furniture no plate cup carpet


when I did not overlook his empire I was confined to a room with bars

not different really from her Majesty’s Palace Prison

yet how invisible was I made and felt
I always ready to run

Escape yet where with what

i knew nobody was nobody had Nothing not even five cents

yet I was put to work from early morn to early morn

perhaps at most five hours sleep

more ir was less

365 days a year I did this for Nothing

there’s that word again

and all this was outside razor wires


To be outcast from the only life I knew
incarcerated for him and him
Years again
relentless despair

now out of her Majesty’s stupidity
I’ve also Many names along the way
I’ve forgotten my own
To feel nothing but four walls again
Even though I can walk outside

I never experienced freedom out

Or their so called punishment of in

being released was called free they said

Both were the same

What is that Free people speak of

I’d like to know if to just taste

what does it smell like

Jasmine a Rose?

I’ve been held a hostage to life’s cruel twists
since birth
if inside a Russian Prison I’d Survive
Better than the loveless ball-less lot below


And those things that called themselves Men
they were not
that left me to become what



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