To Spoon The Dragon




his eyes pin cushion the nod

I place blankets of sigh and crawl into his side

curled my body in spoon

he feels the fake steel of my handle

no comfort in the spoon of love

I am stabbed by the motionless numb

of his body

I slide back  like emptiness

into the night

Come morn

as the sun chisels light

through the pane

its touches of warmth

to forehead

like a mothers palm

scorching skin

in  sweats of cold shiver

he writhes like snake shedding skin

his rise a scream

that wakes the dawn

Here the tortures of the day begin

hanging skin beneath his crow picked eyes

as the dragon

spreads its wings

ripping his skin apart

ribs break in crackle

like plastic bubble

his gut splits

like the roots of trees

being torn from the earth

left hanging from the dragons nails

he retched into his coffin body

this is my lover he cries dead of eyes

breathes deep the toxic breath

of the dragon

and like tiny vampire bites of blood


from my mind

in beatings of helplessness and love

my heart is swallowed

in one last hit

as I watch in horror

the black and blue

if only my eyes

for his body slumps

like a rag doll

he lays numb


in a spoon

of dirty hits

and lies


In my spoon of fetal curl

I still hold the memory of you

in my sleep

before the dragon came

(in memory of you)



fireworks of sound

explode the cold water that rains down my pane

fireworks of colour

explode my silence that runs empty in my soul

fireworks distant

like I am within myself

echoed in a dark well

of cold water


like fireworks

I shiver

in loneliest place on earth

I stand watching the fireworks

in the  centre

of my heart


Pirate Hearts Treasures


we are delicate

in kiss

torn in tragedy

like webs

tattered and  torn

we hold strong to the storms

feeding sorrows with words

filling our oceans

with the sails

of our hearts

we search for love


we are delicate

in touch

in lust

we are thrown

hard against the rocks


nerves raw edge


we are skinned alive

like a rape

we drown

without love

swallowing the assault

the grief

the selling of our souls

we fight to breathe


feeling old and worn

our hostage hearts

held to the ransom

of our pirate ways




the sadness of the rain

always falling


cold cold water

that runs down my pane

that rains over me

and fills my eyes

with memories of you

as I leave

each time

with only my hands


of your hold

and the rain


always falling

filling me

a well of you

and down



I go

falling into the coldness of water

that fills my heart

my bones

my skin

my mind

filling me a well

of your ness

and the sadness

of the falling rain



your leaves on me


as starless nights

in ebony eyes

my tears fill and fall

Like a fractured spine


I crawl out of my skin

left hanging


like a bark less tree

I am all that is and has been


there will always be

the leaves on me

of your fall

from my limbs

where you used to hold

onto me


what i said to you

when there was this need to be free

go for a season

but come back to me

and moonless you left me

a season passing

and I in spoon

always there

for you

to feed


tears are my leaves that fall

for you have gone pass

the four seasons

and I am

once again

a rootless tree

your leaves on me


Freedom Fighter


not enough movement

my eyes summersault

the cell

in my mind

finds a loop hole

in the law of nature

freedom fighter

am I


even in my own blood 

i spill

myself across the floor



with so many doubts 

I spoon in the lost 

and wonder about the found 

will I ever be 

I touch myself 

a fire

of so many bridges burnt


the dandruff ash

my skin 

the cold winds hands

stroke like a ghost 

till only a flicker of glow

can be seen

in the cell

of the minds eyes

a summersault

in motion  

of thoughts passing by




deep breaths

behind the curtain


of low key

ebony plays

a tinker of white

we are not

what we say we are

we are not

what we say we are

the white frost of your eyes hard

locked into the

dark deep ebony

of play

calling out

we are not what we say we are

In a world of multitude chords

screams your violin heart to me

as I bow down

the kiss of cold frost melts

in your eyes

playing I am not what I say I am

I am not what I play I am

I am

a multitude of chords

rippling the waters of reflective thoughts and memories

placed in my mind

I hold my breathe

I dive into my drug

by those who threw the stones before me

and here melting into my ebony eyes

is the white frost of your glare

melting an inter racial stare of grey despair

and we will forever be

not what we say we are

In The Dark


guilty kisses

behind friends backs

in the shadows

banjos sax perfect little sounds

in back alleys

guilty kisses

eyes linger

behind your best friends back


forget me


this last kiss

beneath the moon

left to the dark side

these guilty kisses


like a bee

tastes of honey

dribble with intrigue

mis loved

mis placed



these guilty kisses

never playing the same track

hands skinned raw


in passing


in the dark

tongues don’t talk


lusty laughs

of guilty kisses

Take your meaningless

back to your belongings

and leave me

with the left behinds

the pleasures are mine

guilty kisses

in the dark