the nights sobs stain


across bricked walls of  cumulus cloud

painting a graffiti tall

held by the twisted limbs of trees

that is watched

with one eye

a pirate moon

hostage of the crow

he is waiting for the darkness to fall

that creeps with rats stealth

its whip length of tail

in curl ready

to crack

open a sky

with a thunderous roar

that stole the blackbirds cry

before this night is over

lightening will strike

and a full moon

will once again rise

a beez thoughts on the triggers of violence

for every child that strays an adult child shall spray with bullet proof naivety or mental dis positioning what was taught in their yesterdays, if yesterdays were joy and love their bullets choice will be the shoots of growth, if yesterdays were taught the rough and tough of love then beware the choice of bullets this child adult will wear and tear, and if yesterdays were taught nothing of love these bullets of choice will be real enough, for the gun becomes the growth of these small hands that were taught to shoot their thoughts with bullets to kill ……..  Laws need changing ? Perhaps the system needs changing rather than laws It seems to me it is the laws of the system that brings with it the institutionalised lock and key Punishment methodology that since first established till now is proof in the gun that the triggers pulled to shoot and kill are still the same triggers as they were of yesterday That their laws have taught done treated educated StoPPed helped fixed NOTHING & NOONE.  

It isn’t the guns nor the bullets Its the trigger behind the guns and bullets That is the REAl Problem here in our society where violence is just a matter of time and place a happening that has not changed one bit because of our laws .. In fact I believe has just got worse as the world becomes more populated so the need for more prisons to be built HMMM funny about that.. and How much does the produce of crime bring to the economy … Oh they all cry about the cost of crime lol but Do we ever hear about the income of crime The employment that is created re .. crime … It seems to me that Crime is Not just a business for some on the other side of the fence so to speak But is a very lucrative business for those on the “Right so called side of the fence.  

I believe the very REAL Triggers especially Relating to Violence whether that be guns or any other type that hurts kills a human being begins before any gun is ever held and filled with bullets. It is our systems way of educating it is our systems lock and key punishment mentality and Not Using Not being encouraged Educated with what We all should be Using OUR MINDS to look for create solutions to solving Problems  Not using Punishments & thinking Up new ways of punishment with new laws etc,where we just lock key the problem out of sight out of mind..

We should be planting the seeds of Positive growth in our homes in our schools and so on We should be feeding this to the human race. Kindness Acceptance Understanding Empathy Giving LOVE Problem “SOLVING’ NOT Problem Punishments.!

Everyone it seems to me is denying and avoiding seems so ignorant to the idea of change from a systems Idea that has Not Been Changed since time started.  YES YES I can hear you saying OH what about this or that.. well perhaps this or that.. those really very seriously dangerous acts that humans have done to hurt kill torture a child an adult would not happen IF we Stopped as a Society from pulling the triggers that sets off mental illnesses madness of a human being..  

I don’t claim to have answers Im Just simply suggesting that OUr Punishment mentality All over the world is used and its not made One iota of change in violence and since the last tragedy occurred all i have read is people Stating how shocked they are and how much we need to make new laws about guns etc… New laws New Punishment minded laws ! We have had all these they just keep changing with governments in and out and Im telling you now I can firmly say this, You could take away all the guns and bullets and there will still be the violence Why because of how We have been educated conditioned to think.

WE Are The Triggers and if we don’t start realising this Making a Stand Taking Responsibility to What We Have Created then there will be more children shot,  killed,  children shooting and killing as children grow into us The Adults and the violence continues. Its the same things happening Over and Over again.  

We Need to Change Our Thinking You Need to Change Your Thinking Don’t Be the Trigger. REFUSE A System That wants You to believe that Punishment & Punishment Laws are the Only answer the only solution to Senseless Acts of Humans Killing each other Children Killing Children ! Refuse a System that looks at only change with laws when in involves new punishments of law .

Be an Answer using Growth of Change using Positive Creative Thinking to find new ways to look at and treat problems to look at and treat violence.

If I was a parent I can tell you now i would make a stand and refuse to send my child to a school that is conditioned in teaching by a system that rules our world with its punishment mentality where there is no teachings of the value of human life How can there be when we are teaching our children that war is something of a necessity an of the norm. Where we are encouraged to send our children off to a war to kill take another human life ! Why are we teaching still our children to respect such things to look at such things as the solutions for when people do not agree. ? Or people are treating others badly,

I mean really, take a step back from your conditioning and try clearing your mind of the conditioning our minds have been set in a mess of jelly that can be easily consumed … See this picture clearly… It really is Madness Why is this mentality still being used by our so called Best minds our so called Intellects who work and strive to problem solve to give our leaders guidance, ideas about how we live our life?

Why is war still being No 1 solution after all the wars of history have shown they have not made any change to peoples behaviours ..not in ways that has made people a better people ? The changes that have been a positive in war are so minor when considering the loss of life and the tragic mental damage that is done to not only those who signed up bravely so believing the Conditioned Hype we are educated with but also those involved on the other side Many Innocent civilians children …. Not Only are people left disturbed crippled mentally emotionally they are also done so physically by war. These damages then network out to all those who are involved the families the friends the doctors the….. the list goes on and on and it includes You too.. for it is You that is Paying via taxes for all these damages that don’t have any answers other than bandaids that an’t human proof.

That We need protecting and War is the Only Way to do this, we are being conditioned to believe that the loss of human life is worth it to stop what a dictator from leading a country ? or trying to take over a country ? There would and could and ARE Have been many other ways to deal with such situations ….we cant say there are not any other ways ….If our own System is Only using One way of dealing with life and its that of the War Punishment Lock & Key Mentality!

if we are not educated encouraged and from a child growing up, being taught to use our mind and use it to explore different options different answers different solutions instead of war we will always have war. We will always have a punishment mind set of the lock key world wide. Why are we not exploring after all that has been learned Healing ? We invest too much of our minds and our lives in wars in violence and then wonder and sit in utter awe asking with shaken heads and heavy heart of loss why it happens on our street near our homes in our homes Im #JustSaying