May 2021

Can you see All of me ~
Im so beautiful don’t you think ~
In my mermaid tail and butterfly wings ~
Most would say Im rather unique ~
But its not for this that You seek ~
I understand that you are weak ~
that you admire beauty that’s not skin deep ~

I lay under the sun ~
with a tail that i fling ~
and wings ~ Yes wings GIANT luminous wings ~
That can take me gliding wherever my whim ~
I am mermaid and butterfly ~
Im what I want to be ~
When I lay under the sun ~ In my skin ~

Yes Yes I know and there is no denying this is so ~
for beautiful is the skin ~
But don’t you think you’ve been ripped off ~
Being conditioned to think ~ 
that beauty is the outer skin ~

If you would take the time to look within ~
and see me internally ~
not just externally ~
I might let you in on the tale ~

like my wings

they’re not real ~
this is all surreal ~
to get you thinking ~
for once ~
past ~
your ~
own ~
beautiful ~

2 thoughts on “More Than A MERMAID OR A BUTTERFLY

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