beneath pools of light
a been of lately
the shy of me fetal
your words so harsh
I lay soft
the stark of your say
and stutter
my eyes can’t speak
the thoughts that scream
within me of a time that I lost with you
when you were nothing more than I
but so much taller and bigger and wise
and took that an all of me to know
that you never loved
this skin
I shed for you
and now
beneath trees
I wonder
in their knowledge
of being
and become the light
Internally burning
now me
Bright and Shining ‘
I leave you behind
and fly free of these chains
and see growing the child of me
a daisy
I bloom to rose
with thorns of protection
and defensive I may be
now a woman of the sky
my eyes are so blue
with new horizons
I rise each day
no longer in need
of the I