The Desert In I


the sands satin sheets

sparkle trillions of diamond lights

covering the desert

by the unruly wind

laid out

in the kiln

of the fiery sun

the sadness of bones

starched white


body parts


scattered and strewn

like a psychotic autumn

had fallen them

to rot

in the humidity

of the breathless air

and by the death of cold

if night had teeth

would splinter

like rot wood

quietly on this landscape

see emerging

an artist

shy at first

brushing across the brightly painted skies

a depth of blue

that not even God could dream

and from above the fold and turn

of drifting  barren clouds

a dry white noise

Screams from the ghost gums


a feather boa

drapes the limbs

disrupting all that is still

and beneath

the sheets of diamond sands

writhes and slithers in the shape of a snake

a whip of  hiss

and a tongue of blue

slips past your feet

Jumping high

rusted shapes take form

a kangaroo

all awhile the sun spears bones

colourless white

injecting you internally

a cord

of this desert life

a time that was stilled

of long ago

wildlife that dinosaurs would only know

and plants like weapons from another world

that grow sharp hard and fast

a life that takes nothing for chance

and everything

to feed its well

and here you are

with me

in the quiet shy


of the desert

in I