Origami I am I


There are two I’s in Origami

the origami Of I
written on paper
I fold myself
inside out
till i am no more a muse
a poem
or haiku
I am picked up
a one night stand
by the wind
and just as I cling
Im let go
curled like a leaf
I am
from the tree
that once held me
made no promises
to keep me
I am origami
I am paper thin
I cut sharp
and you bleed
my words out
like there is
no tomorrow
I am me
a piece of poetry
that neither rhymes
or for some
has rind
but I am amused
by all my origami art
made without paper
but folded
none the less
with words

i am i

Room 128

Something about the rooms speaks of our minds house n the way outside affects the within The rooms facinate n scare me all at the same time I don’t want to enter but I cant refuse to not …..check out other postings n beware :))) or entertained by these writings either you can’t escape 💛🐝✨

999 rooms

The room is fluorescent. A blue fluorescence that seems to emanate from the very objects, which are two chairs, empty bookshelves on all the four walls, a pot with a plastic plant – kentia, Howea forsteriana, type – and a thin, modern table with a ceramic figurine, representing a man with a hat. Objects that without the fluorescence, and with the exception of the plastic plant, one would suppose to be white (yet without the fluorescence the room would be pitch black, making everything black, as it has no openings nor light sources and not even an entrance through which a delver could bring inside a portable light, in the entirely hypotetical case of a stop in the fluorescence). One day, some say, the fluorescence will get red and the room suddenly full with monkeys. Baboon-type monkeys, frantic & hysterical. Violent, aroused and aggressive. Six, seven, eight of them…

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Three Quiet Poems

The Python Sea

I love the trees
with its twigs that nest
the harmonic sounds
of a magpies cry
from stark white gums
beneath a chameleon sky
the sunsets
with slight burnt colours of rusty
corrugated roofs
Light glares at those who dare
to stare
as it bares itself naked
the sun melts
into the wet mouth
of a python sea

Moon Love

bonfire sparks of light
reflect across the fall of night
prisms of starlight
blink in and out
as the moon lies
in sensuous curve
for lovers eyes

A New Day

pink ribbons of blossom
tie the knots of green buds with bows
petaled in curls of sunlight
splashes of play fill
puddled shadows
the sounds of kookaburra laughter
pegs the morning on a line of fresh day
blowing without a care
an electricity of breeze
blows the blue sky
into a new day

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I hear you
whisper soft in my ear
a gentle touch across my skin
fingers run through my hair

your breath warm
like on a summers day
so cool in the evenings
yet you can strip me to bone cold
when your mood changes

at times you seem cruel
you have stung my eyes
brought me to tears
left my face red with hurt
n whipped my skin till it feels raw


your there n then gone
before I can even turn my head … to see
yet I know I won’t
n wonder is this what it’s like to be blind





did I feel    was I aware of this Avalanche over the years within me

how much of me has been collected shifted thrown n broken

now lays beneath my years of constant build n fall

dismembered my mind tries to recall when  ….yet slides with all the many pieces jaded cracked n broken

I the mountain climb me through my rubble rock n grasses
tree roots protrude like great gnarly fingers of hand
I grasp as they let loose n I tumble back down a ways
my peek the very top of me a shroud of golden sunshine
falls short at my shoulders
fine hair line of light glimmers with hope
as I again begin this slow long climb
back to me
I the mountain peek of my time in rubble
tired n broken the beating of my heart is wounded deep
n as I travel upward the wounds open fresh with memories
the hurt pain loss
mixed with shame and guilt now solidified like giant rocks
blocking my way of passage
tears fall a river  reflecting light from above

I stop to peer at this image in the waters now still of the fallen tears

I try to see a sign as I am not of me nor the I remembered

curiousity fills my eyes  eagerness fills my mind  regret I realise is truly dismembered perhaps like the appendix not a necessity in knowing  who I’ve become n what becoming means or of the left behinds broken in the rubble of long ago hurt pain loss

I choose to now follow this rivers course seeing through the darkness of shadows and the never end of shifting clouds

so new is my growth I stand tall feel lighter perhaps like a cloud the I of me is meant to be of the darkness and the light shifting changing with the tides of time
every new burst of growth buds courage and the strength to keep climbing
this the avalanche at the very low of me to my highest peek of who I am
and in time I’ll learn to love me
n find that dream

love waiting for me …..when I reach my mountains peek

I Wana Be a Billionaire Geek James Bond

I thought being a Pirate was Wrong

I thought being a Pirate was like n act of Terrorism CRIMINAL?

Apparently I’m Wrong … So it seems the Billionaire Techno Geeks have proved me so

I wana be a spy
I wana be fly – (cause someone’s already got the worm n the book deals gone ..)
I wana be n eye 4 the government see
I wana share n this TaxFree lair
of don’t spare the facts make em up
if have be ..but get fat
as a billionaire
n that’s with a big fat C
for Company yah see
They’re all doing it

So if you click AGREE
To my Privacy as I will do or choose
YOU can follow me
n I’ll exchange your details
for a bit of …cough cough
n live life off your info
on a sea scape dream world of liquidation waves coming your way
called techno
That’s right baby
I want in
With the Silicon Hips
n eat My chips as I spy with my lil eye
Something that begins with
T …
The Tax Free $Billion Dollar Scam
before there’s n Internet traffic jam Bam


Blue Blood n a Silver Spoon Moon

Im the addict of blues
Red slashes of blooms
In my veins
I share room with a blue fit lady
Who lives in a sheer glass tube

Strange friends we are and came to be
one night
you were there
my soul was stripped bare

That night you remember
when you held my arm so tight
entered me with the tiniest bite
like a little vampire lover you were mine that night
and now I am yours
You watched while my spirit
committed suicide
and decided to revive
my mind
and now
me every single day
and at night you fill me like life
with the sweet warmth of a lullaby
sweet blooms
of red
like a beautiful silk slash
I wear you inside
Your my blue blue veil
to my pain
nobody knows
my true identity
just a name