The Arsonist & His Crucification a Light

The stage is set 

He stands legs spread 

surveying the scene 

white milky figures of wax stare hollow 

beneath bright fluorescents a flicker with bugs 

This disease of bloody play

I’ll give you one minute rehearsal

Get It Right 

or I light this explosive 

he takes a cigarette from a packet 

Counts a deliberate beat of sixty

his lips slightly part

a pouch for its filter and flicks his zippo 

lights his cigarette 

Picks a can up

Laughingly sings Gasoline 

n dances the stage 

Insanity he states Can be tricky to pinpoint 

Would you not All Agree 

It’s all about timing 

n pours the flammable fluid over the motionless 

flicks his zippo again … afire of mesmerising excitement flares

fluidity of their making melts the silence of all watching

I am the light to you fucking bugs.. he screams 


walks through the spread of toxic black smoke 

facing the audience terror 

hostages now

to his flame 


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