Once Upon a Time Poem Imagine A Birds Song


once upon a time I fell from the nest
I landed on a street with brilliant neon winks
of crocodile eyes n smiles
there were beautiful n exoctic birds of the most unusual rise
that got caged by the Plovers
vicious species masks of blue
These lapwings of policing would try to make the beautiful birds talk
n then let them go again
these beautiful birds
of different names
Honey n Sky to name but a few
all of them brilliant
all of them different
never flew
their wings had been clipped
It’s true
they were the saddest lil birdies
but you’d never knew
they never spoke of this act
n always laughed n sang through time
just went about seeking what they could get
to survive
n only cried in a silence no one could hear

Many died
Injected with poison
Mainly from the crocodiles
their given names were all the same
A family named Pimps
Another kinda bird
the scavenger of types
like Vulture’s they flew around the streets
Looking for the naive the very young
pretending to be Love
they didn’t tell the birds
the street was really a cage
A Giant cage within the systems cage
where all the wing clipped beautiful genteel n fragile of birds
were beaten n mistreated to engage
in acts of brutality upon them

I miss them all
those birds who were my friends
only a very few got away

n I now sing a song
my friend from this street
who saved me
before she died
sang to me each night
when I thought I would die n never learn to sing



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