Three Quiet Poems

The Python Sea

I love the trees
with its twigs that nest
the harmonic sounds
of a magpies cry
from stark white gums
beneath a chameleon sky
the sunsets
with slight burnt colours of rusty
corrugated roofs
Light glares at those who dare
to stare
as it bares itself naked
the sun melts
into the wet mouth
of a python sea

Moon Love

bonfire sparks of light
reflect across the fall of night
prisms of starlight
blink in and out
as the moon lies
in sensuous curve
for lovers eyes

A New Day

pink ribbons of blossom
tie the knots of green buds with bows
petaled in curls of sunlight
splashes of play fill
puddled shadows
the sounds of kookaburra laughter
pegs the morning on a line of fresh day
blowing without a care
an electricity of breeze
blows the blue sky
into a new day

Posted by beezknez
Archived from In the Bloom

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