I Wana Be a Billionaire Geek James Bond

I thought being a Pirate was Wrong

I thought being a Pirate was like n act of Terrorism CRIMINAL?

Apparently I’m Wrong … So it seems the Billionaire Techno Geeks have proved me so

I wana be a spy
I wana be fly – (cause someone’s already got the worm n the book deals gone ..)
I wana be n eye 4 the government see
I wana share n this TaxFree lair
of don’t spare the facts make em up
if have be ..but get fat
as a billionaire
n that’s with a big fat C
for Company yah see
They’re all doing it

So if you click AGREE
To my Privacy as I will do or choose
YOU can follow me
n I’ll exchange your details
for a bit of …cough cough
n live life off your info
on a sea scape dream world of liquidation waves coming your way
called techno
That’s right baby
I want in
With the Silicon Hips
n eat My chips as I spy with my lil eye
Something that begins with
T …
The Tax Free $Billion Dollar Scam
before there’s n Internet traffic jam Bam



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