This Is My Shit


although I have issues

have been incarcerated
been judged by jury
bashed in fury
raped in ripples
till I’ve been no more
than an emotional cripple

although I have been
abused and accused
told I was challenged
by my mental lack
or wish
to conform
Have a great mistrust of the little white sheep in their blue controls
Keep turning
My key backwards
to the systems connections
Won’t recognize there razor back ways
to corrections
spent most of my time
in solitary

although all
I write because I am and can ` I also paint too
but that don’t make me everything I do
and although all through
Im everything above Im also none of it
Im so much more
some days
so much less
on others
and writing Shit Yes helps
and writing Shit doesn’t help
Nor does it hurt
but I don’t
like the idiots
that think
its because
I’ve been abused
and I have abused
oh yes I have
to survive
you’ll be amazed what you can do
and wont do
and have to do
and don’t do
and the system thinks this is an ok do
for me for you
That i can write my shit too


I shake my head to all who state this claim as theirs
That because I didn’t fucking wind up state mental stamped and mad
That somehow now my claim to fame
is that I survived
and now Im cool
No longer called a fool
and thought that I write
because of my life tools
No one should have this shit to write
No one should have to fight
No one should have to be raped till they ripple
emotionally mindful of a wheelchaired crippled mental state
I don’t write because of above
and I don’t write because of below
I write because I can and am and do
But no one should have to write about shit
But this is my shit
and all of it I can do

Posted by beezknez
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