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“A Rush of Cochineal– ”

Welcome, do enter
thanks for stopping by
(and whilst
we are on the topic:
how is Emily,
Miss Bone-Zero,
we all
haven’t heard from
her in such a
long time?

Ah yes, the crockery, well
I felt black was your colour
and the wine the
darkest Merlot I could
find as
such short notice
(always — I’m sure you
would agree
such limited time)

and now, the meal is over
and your carriage — or is
it limousine or
something edgier, more sporty?
nevertheless waiting

no time for goodbyes, just
that cold, steadying hand
(cold as
precious metal, slab of
elegant stone) and
my last
deepest thanks
for all that you
have done for me
all that you made
(where but for you
would there be
in a poem).

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