Would you like to fly

http://youtu.be/sQVLsvZcr34 The Fifth Dimension


this body

stretching out
and you know
those long blue grey days
swellings of red
n darkness of those night falls
with casts of clouds
a soft protection of cover
for blue is so sensitive


when things get heated
to a redness of the flesh
you carry such heavy dark bags

Oh sky sky
we are such thugs
and you carry it all above us
the hurts the cries
the love that turns to hate
that bruise
our lives
woman man child
creatures of sea n land
birds trees grass
all of this is us
a part of you
we float without thought
to what fires this You
the Sun
our Great Balloon
carrying life
so in our own sea
of waters
rivers lakes pools
we won’t drown
as our beautiful bell
rings the moon
with the burning sparks
day turns to night
a bonfire of stars
to navigate our darkness
with the tides
yet still after all this time
even the fish the coral this life
we are blind to the very births
being born
we think
in terms another world beneath
yet this is our mothers womb
poisoned by our refusal
to recognise
our very own lives existence
from your refusal to give up
on us
as we fight
spreading noxious
vile deathly disease
in starvation indifference
Our Ego of Religious faiths

or Darwin monkeys science  blind like mice

boxes of voice filed in systems beliefs we are taught

to punish n in the name of Gods we use Jesus as the rod to abuse
from image status
of a power
none of us with this will to survive

for wants will
Ignoring your very plight
to keep us safe
save us from ourselves
we look above and call the punches
here you lay naked
without blame
continue to sustain us
n we continue to abuse
calling your body
covered in scars n bruising


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