Two Poems

The Birth of Tomorrow

epileptic blue
The mouth of the sky opens out
to a flow of white clouds drifting
our mind dreams the pregnancy of a new day
like a soft rain we hold on
to the embryo
of tomorrow’s
with new hope
for today


Lemon Scented Night

A lemon scented night
for a quarter of a moon
priceless treasures
my first perfume kindles within memories
of sun bleached and tangled hair
peeling nose burning bright like rudolph
Christmas trees and houses all alight
a bonfire of sparks
electricity and excitement
the crackling of the air

Seaweed green and slimy beards
hanging off our chins
like a volcanic eruption
laughter flowed lava from deep down within
Our legs would feel like jelly

Sand warm and soft between the toes
castles buckets spades and motes
walks along cliff tops
singing songs
talking to yourself
to a friend imaginary or not
we reeled the real

Our child hood became part of the scenery
we were oblivious to the world
blackberries cooking
in a pot of sun we would all squeal Yum!
with mouths pouting purple bruising prose of pose
our bellies stuffed we’d head for home
on the way
looking for shells
we knew which ones were best we could just tell
cuttle fish for its ink is blue
still learning to say I love you ~ I love you
We wrote it in the sand with sticks

Long white sheets
who’s a scary ghost
riding push bikes really really fast
climbing up the gum trees
smoking cigarettes hanging upside down so the world looked like one big frown
iced buns and mums call don’t fall
riding He’s a Giant Ten Hands Stallion Tall bareback no fear at all
and a lemon scented night …………………………………………………………………………………………………..


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