Ode To The Fallen Stars (the social outcasts)

the best part of the fall is the getting back up in life.
N we can

Live life each day till it makes you breathless
Fly with all your arms n legs … Let your whole being feel every breath of breeze Jump your body with the mind thought of a feather n skip rope with the wind
N don’t let yourself be blinkered by those in a race
Trust your own thoughts Your instinct n allow your own voice to see your words and embrace them. These are your songs like no others.
You don’t need gang mind mentality to see your voice speaks.
You only need Love n the only blinkers you ever need in this life is Trust.
If those in your life are honest In their love you don’t need to see them catch you If you fall The trust will see you through the falls throughout your life.
Love n Trust r the best friends you could ever have.

I You Me Us Them
seem like an ink stain
standing out of your head
thoughts struggle
like a drowning
all arms and legs

so deep in the see
you don’t notice
a thing that’s said

feel like an out strung
being strung up for dead
who cares
no matter if the night falls
…..only still
your wishing you would look
outside your head

See That Star all arms and legs
“Pathetic” you hear them claim
… its like an octopus
in shallow waters
left breathless
…….Like You?
with these thoughts in your head
cant seem to shake the urgent
to talk the need
cant find the words for want

but didn’t we all used to look
to the stain of the night
with luck locking heads
to that wish
on a fallen star
all arms and legs

we held out our hands
Didn’t we …
but none of us ever really caught the fall
n all those stars so shiny n all
Its not like “we didn’t see em” when they called

but … But but
has always been a good enough acceptable source of the use of sauce
how could we with our blinkers on













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