The Moon Hustler


image we had secrets

that noone else knew about
we both shared vision
n even though our love
was of long distance
we were connected
we had something … Didn’t we, something “Special” just You n I …

or at least
thats what I thought
till i saw you
through someone else’s window one night

This Person!
She just hap to be my closest friend
Oh Moon
Oh Moon how could you

she told me “It felt like she had known you forever, you were always there to say goodnight”
n sometimes you would still be there in the morning light
she confessed to me it did make her feel “Special”
as though You were in waiting
to see she got home alright…
Like you really did care about her

n then she laughed ..a lil too loud n nervously and said “I suppose you think me rather silly. After all its just a moon. How could one even begin to think a moon has thoughts never alone feelings, It must be the change of seasons n tides that makes me talk such nonsense”

I never did tell her about You n I
I felt so betrayed
I have since learnt there are many many more all round the world whom you also make feel “Oh so Special”

I was warned, many a time as a young girl to be aware of the two faces, the Dark side n the Light
I never saw your dark side.

You mesmerise us all Moon, with your light. Your a hustler of the night
Using the suns flare as your disguise the stars bright lights Who can resist
anyone with just a romantic notion can be caught
as for those who have the poet running through their veins
their fate is sealed
like addicts gamblers of love

You Moon are The Dark Cold Hearted Dom of Cons
You hustle all night long Romancing the heart
The Ink for the pen
A Casino of the Night skies
You just sit in wait for that window of opportunity
Its our hearts our hope n faith of love that keeps the world spinning
The pen of writers
that keeps you alive

I keep my blinds closed now
but … I still feel your presence moon
Each night staring at the darkness of my blindfolded eyes
in wait


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