After The Rains


salt crusted white horizon
the surf of these scorching rust bloody reds rise
these giants the sand dunes
spills of time are moulded out of the suns furnace
across desert ground

this is my desert
this is where I lived
where i was born

after the rains

this is where my heart gave birth
as i lay on spinifex grasses
inside the earths egg
its inner shells thin blue skin, the sky
suddenly cracks open
a blinding light
letting the roaring voice of thunder in
Your Heart Is Born

and across these rusty dry n bloody cracked grounds
littered with broken pieces of egg shell
the salty crystals of my tears
encrusted in the many shades of white, fall
my eyes bare witness to the explosion of vivid colours
after the rains
like a tapestry of fine needlepoint
grows the wild flowers
n overflows this desert cup
a holy grail of life

where water holes
are prayers answered
to the thirsty n lost
this sparse space is home
to survivalist creatures
species unheard of feathered n fur
scales of land n water habitat
silk spun hanging beneath the sun
a hammock for moon worshipers
all this n more
in a heart beat
this place
this desert
becomes both
the reborn n death

I carry this place in the palm of my hands
each finger tip
rings the very grain of my deserts life
filling my palms like the windswept ripples of the sands
their very lines connecting the earth to my life
time is telling in my hands
I carry this all in my heart
connected by the line in my palm
in this desert
I am




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