A Story in a Poem about Frank the Canary n Ginger the Pussycat

Singing In the Rain

up high in the tree
Frank looking dope in a suit of canary
pussycat pussycat
what your game
your tail curls like a leaf on flame
before the quiet call of autumn falls
could Ginger be your name
it has to be you
your the only cat i knew
that dances in the rain
Frank fluffs up his feathers
n looks to the skies
“come fly with me to the moon” he sings
will dine n drink wine
do you like cheese
thats a lota teeth in that smile pussycat

look its starting to rain

you wouldn’t eat ole Frank now would you babe ?


wrapped in a fur coat
her ginger mane
blowing in the wind
she dances amongst the leaves that fall
spinning like ballerina
in a boa of yellow
all is a blur
as autumn calls her name
n all thats left
a yellow feather
and her tail
disappearing in the rain






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