In the shadow of you



stripped like a bark less tree

my trunk empty of you

my shadow now leans on me 


as your snowy words fall 


in memory 

these frozen words

thawing out 

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you 

for leaving me naked here 


with all the past 

tattoos running blue 

from my eyes 

fuck you fuck you 

what excuse you have 

but I 

was sleeping 

in the shadow of you.




hanging out

like I have no earth 

to stand on 




2 thoughts on “In the shadow of you

  1. We’ve all been there and we’ve all been fucked over by people we believed in.
    Your poem captures the sadness and the anger beautifully. Love how it starts slowly like a poem about nature and then picks up speed and angry ferocity as the venting explodes and then the conclusion returns to quiet sadness
    The creative picture also perfectly captures the piece


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