Sounds of you distant,
Words drift like clouds
past me
I freeze you out
like a snow thick fall
My wall builds
concrete blocks
setting quickly
before you can turn
me out
I have arrived
at my own destination

I knew you well once
you who was so troubled frightened lost
we shared many things
but now time has even past me
I cant take you with me
It was you who brought me here
and in the long years
I realise
you saved my life
but I am not you any more
I am now my own person
and its my time
You will be remembered
for many many things
here ~ now and then
but history must be made and left

One day
I will come back
I will find you
in the rubble
that small quiet voice
I will hopefully have the strength by then
to do you right
claim you as mine
you wont recognise me probably
I’ll be all grown up

When my cell door was finally left open
and I could run to freedom
I heard them say
Don’t you ever ,.. the rest was lost in the past


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