re @cyberbonn ThankQ for nominating @beezknez beez Lists for blog poetry visuals arts

Hello @cyberbonn has honoured me with a blog poetry nomination Im not sure if this is how I go about this but first i must link to the blogger who nominated OK here at @cyberbonn ‘s Share seven things about myself .. I am a surviver of abuse n violence both child n adult  which i was subjected to most of my life .. not now so no boohoos but i  am passionate about the laws regarding such things for woman n children 🙂 i have been incarcerated n it was no fun full of corruption stupidity for the most part only a very small percentage of people actually need to be separated from society.. It however still over-floweth in drug illness and many other types of human error called crimes that could be dealt with in an educative rehabilitative state rather than out of sight out of mind. I have tattoos but you likely have seen them so thats no newy I love the sea have a thing for honey bears ( lollies )n I paint pictures with no actual theme so they end up being what grows from the paint i use to build the pictures with I love writing poetry n stories I think animals deserve to be protected as the laws protect  human being ….but Wait… thats not going to happen in any time soon, cuz when you look at how humans are treated how we treat one another and OMG Children ! theres not much to hold onto there So no wonder animals are abused as badly as they are seeing we treat each other with such lack of care and thought. is that seven ?  well that will do If i told you anything more about me i may have to …. write a very very long story and thats not about to happen here ;)) what else must a beez do back in a minute gotta look at bons blog to see if Im filling my obligations OK got it … I now need to nominate some other fellow bloggers so here goes in no certain order

I could nominate many many others alas the rules say I can’t, but never beeN a rule follower per say but for the sake Of Poetry I shall resist stepping over the line :))) too much… & one more time the link back to @cyberbonn who I also shall nominate at ….




3 thoughts on “re @cyberbonn ThankQ for nominating @beezknez beez Lists for blog poetry visuals arts

  1. Thanks for the nomination..I am truly humbled and honored. Your blog is always inspiring,heartfelt, and most of all INTERESTING..

    Is there a way I can vote for your blog?


    • ThanX Stevie greenie beezie not need any nominations I still cant work out what or why this is for lol but I wanted to take advantage of it to just sing out to some of you who have been very inspiring for me on twitter with not only your poetry but as people human beings just being really kindly to each other has been the nicest of experiences for me:)) b x


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