The Systems Gage


go away from me
with your censorship lips
my past is worn like a holster on my hip
pow pow bang bang your head against this sis
with your white out tips
it took giant monsters to zip my flip
your nothing more than a hideaway ship
a refugee cosmetically enhanced for stance
you will never get the chance
to understand my dance
cuz im a gallery of institutional hang ups
giant hooks screwed the splinters in my brain
messed my pictures
so the paint drops like rain
tears of blackness
crows flying from the iris
thats my flower
purple blue
bruised like twilight
pressed against my cage
telling you now
don’t mess with this fucking rage
its called the systems gage


6 thoughts on “The Systems Gage

    • thanX B its a personal piece of personal experience to someone lol personally I know who has censorship lips but also sails on all the seas I have personally shipped ! :)))) b x


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