Methadone the Bunk Bed of Addiction

No Junk junkie
on methadone recovery is a discovery of buggery
an enema of the mind NOT just a full stop this is your recovery
when you end up at the station of discovery to the rest of your life on a choo choo ride no stops here just roller coaster rides of bunk on bunk addictions

Your being used as a mop by the system to pick up your slop at a clinic coming next to you

Hey Say No Junk junkie
Listen to this
I know something you don’t
the epitome of down is a treatment that is not a treatment
the methadone program is not a radio station you want to tune into
its the addiction of addictions that keeps the orthodox boxes full
methadone will
fade your tones
brittle your bones
take the taste from your bite
for your teeth will be a candy store of decay
as your mind slowly dies a bit everyday
Better to stay on your junk
than end up as the systems junk to bunk to bunk to bunk
for methadone is nothing But Bunk.


2 thoughts on “Methadone the Bunk Bed of Addiction

    • ThankQ Bons I am very passionate about recovery for addictions regardless what it may be and the methadone program that has been used to treat a whole spectrum of illnesses is nothing but a bunk bed system that I believe just adds to the addiction of concern ..well thats my spill in a small dose !:) ThankQ so much for reading & commenting b x


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