teardrops in your eyes



that whisper in the distance 

my connection to confession 

an eye in the storm

is what you wrote me last time

when I left the world behind 

in a reflection of the moons light 

I ripple to your touch 

I am like water to a stone 

when you hit me with your words 

I laugh with each step you stride upon me 

in a crunch of fall i leave in a curl of autumn 

with the winds 

just a whisper of me 

I am the stream in your life line 

touch me I run with the wind 

I am the water you spill 

I am water of the minds eye 

I am the rain that falls below 

on thirsty earths I leave my print 

of  a tear drop

in your eyes 


3 thoughts on “teardrops in your eyes

  1. Kindred Spirits

    no one knows about the hard shell
    …and the tender feelings
    you and me
    ’cause we were born that way
    the others keep pretending
    determined not to run
    the gauntlet that never
    stops showing up in their lives
    i’ll take my medicine
    swallow the bitter pill
    cry ’til canyons run
    from mountain top to sea
    just promise me
    that one last reunion
    when it’s over
    that one walk, hand in hand
    along the beach, with peace
    in our hearts
    and tears of beauty
    in our eyes


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