The Willow : A Short Story


The Willow first hears their whispers then a slow heaving breathing in and out

Two dark shadows suddenly appear beneath the Willow, she hangs her braids

close to the ground leaning with the wind listens.

The sound of tearing and the pain comes with no warning and with such force.. The Willows grains split,

Screaming as each root that holds her steadfast is tested against the dark shadows grip, that twists and twists till the

Willows braid rips of

and then another

and another

and another ….

Will it ever stop, the  pain is unbearable, the Willow near collapse in frantic display

stretches her limbs to the wind that catches her thoughts

and runs its many fingers as a distraction through the shadows hair

The shadow suddenly stops. Reaching out to the wind without noticing
steps onto a crack in the  pathway  and out of the blue
like a shotgun of fire, Blasts Daylight
Shards of Sunlight and Glares come down hard and fierce upon the Shadows
Lighting up  the Willow till not even the blue skies of day can be seen.
As a shriek of white noise takes flight, an eyepatch of black covers the Suns one eye
A Pirate crow from the porthole of the sky
has snuffed out all light taking the Shadows life, one by one they are gone
The Willow looks down
as the last of the wind takes what is left of the day
no evidence of the shadows death can be seen
Gone too are the whispers and all that lays beneath the Willow is the torn of  braids,
a crack in the path, a feather of white and the darkness of a pirate crow called night



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