To Spoon The Dragon




his eyes pin cushion the nod

I place blankets of sigh and crawl into his side

curled my body in spoon

he feels the fake steel of my handle

no comfort in the spoon of love

I am stabbed by the motionless numb

of his body

I slide back  like emptiness

into the night

Come morn

as the sun chisels light

through the pane

its touches of warmth

to forehead

like a mothers palm

scorching skin

in  sweats of cold shiver

he writhes like snake shedding skin

his rise a scream

that wakes the dawn

Here the tortures of the day begin

hanging skin beneath his crow picked eyes

as the dragon

spreads its wings

ripping his skin apart

ribs break in crackle

like plastic bubble

his gut splits

like the roots of trees

being torn from the earth

left hanging from the dragons nails

he retched into his coffin body

this is my lover he cries dead of eyes

breathes deep the toxic breath

of the dragon

and like tiny vampire bites of blood


from my mind

in beatings of helplessness and love

my heart is swallowed

in one last hit

as I watch in horror

the black and blue

if only my eyes

for his body slumps

like a rag doll

he lays numb


in a spoon

of dirty hits

and lies


In my spoon of fetal curl

I still hold the memory of you

in my sleep

before the dragon came

(in memory of you)


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