Pirate Hearts Treasures


we are delicate

in kiss

torn in tragedy

like webs

tattered and  torn

we hold strong to the storms

feeding sorrows with words

filling our oceans

with the sails

of our hearts

we search for love


we are delicate

in touch

in lust

we are thrown

hard against the rocks


the nerves raw edge


we are skinned alive

like a rape

we drown

without love

swallowing the assault

the grief

the selling of our souls

we fight to breathe


feeling old and worn

our hostage hearts

held to the ransom

of our pirate ways


One thought on “Pirate Hearts Treasures

  1. Love the complexity of this! We are indeed Pirates, we love to plunder the treasures of desire in more ways than one. Still there’s a price for the greed of following or ids. So beautiful the way you played it too, poetic justice with metaphors, swords with words. oceans with sails.Succulent stuff


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