In the Changing Room of Me



would it be a kindness

to put you down 

so many of me 

I try another self to please 

so many I have had and been

and tossed to turf 

in the changing rooms of me

these many selves not right to be 

the fit the sway the swagger 

the way this shadow swallows up my whole 

never fitting 

too tight 

to large this self I try

to small 

to less 

to more 

Oh!  to find the right fit of me 

years and years we try and change 

the many selves of ourself to be 

just one thats right 

thats right for me 

the changes that I’ve seen and been

If I could settle for less 

would that be more than me could be 

they say less is more 

oh for the perfect fit of me 

Point me to your changing rooms



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