Fetish Suits I Wore


my mother
a fetish thing
I wore you as a child
like a knight
in armoured suit
steel cold against my skin
even the angels
their tears would scold
against this thing
my teenage blues
my head wrapped in plastic
a rubber studded skin I sealed
I whipped myself a life of cold
in wells of crocodiles
their teeth snarled smiles
their scars still bite this child
the holes they left in each side
of my hooves a devils child
I was told in pimp alley
to the man with coal eyes
he gave me fine suits
of snake skin venom
they kept the prey at bay
my hide of rhino
hidden beneath
I steal a look
at my mother
a fetish thing
to have you by my side
and here now you are late
better than never
the angels finally heard my prayer
sent to a god of wrath
for you sit beside me
with a bullet in your head
your brains spilled upon the floor
your memory of me
no more
I wear you well
my mother
a fetish thing
in these words I write
a downpour
of me
in this suit
of tears


3 thoughts on “Fetish Suits I Wore

  1. Beez, really excellent! Powerful and personal imagery, a rhythm that pulls the reader in and refuses to release us until the very end, jagged, irregular rhymes that cut into the reader and infuse us with your emotions. Provocative and potent…my favorite work of yours to date.


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