Taken Hostage to The Biggest Safe in the World


I have been imprisoned
Taken hostage for the lack of love
Had a gun held at my skull
Been thrown in a cell
where the sewage pipes played shitty tunes
and the rats floated with ease
waiting and watching for me
to give in or catch a disease and die
Dead or alive
Rats figure Its only a matter of waiting
and time

I have been imprisoned
for more years than
anyone can count
on both hands

I have been locked up in a cell with no window
It was called the mushroom cell dark and dank
I spent many a month living in this hole
I have lived in fear
I have been fearful to live
I have been kicked on spat on pissed on shit on pulled apart and put back together
and i never ever spoke a word or cried a tear
the only thing I did was wish to be loved
to be thought of as dear to be free from my un- life of unfree

To finally find a way out of my prison n
to finally be living in within the system
To conform and do what you have been told you been missing
Is a scary thing indeed
for this is what you are told – If and when you are to be free
Or find a loop hole which is what I found
and jumped into the other side
and found myself being told – your now free to life

To suddenly realise – see with your own eyes
How many are living in fear without the steel bars
How many do time and don’t know they’re living this lie
How many then stand up and cheer for the kill
Celebrate death like its real fucking chill
Give up the rights of others for spite
Dob in a brother over a fight
Take out a sister and turn on your mother’s
Kick out the fathers for fucking with lovers

And all the time – The guards watch on
as concret sets and keeps growing miles long
and the boys still – are going to wars – no one questioning this flaw
Well not near loud enough to make others stand up and take the floor
Cuz mumbles don’t do it – and demonstrations are ignored
And the food! The food thats being poisoned – We know this Yet
We shop for more and more

Yes I know what bars are I also know a cell when Im in one
I’ve been in many and this is just one more
This ones only bigger
To fit the bigger hoard
Most the time
like its called inside – You hang out in the yard
You’ve all got your own cliques
all suspicious racist bigots greenies newbies dogooders drug pushers and drugie’s junkies suits and blues
dogs and fresh meat from another street moving in – moving out – moving on
there is no different out from in
Its just a matter of time
and how you see yourself doing it
       Either conform or get informed or get Informed on
I was never let out – I’ve always been in
This is the main stream of time
The main stream in life
Most of the time
you head back home
home to your cells

Its a place you feel safest no matter what the time
but Every now and again your reminded
You hear of breaks or people being killed
in your cell or on the street
You know deep down in side
Your not as safe as you think
You also know the system don’t give a shit
The system has got us good and tight
when your let out from in
Your just back behind the other side of in
They didn’t go anywhere – they’re still there
The razor wires been cosmetically changed
its now cameras and security checks of x-rays and dog sniff

Cops doing their utter best

to do their checks so the system can rest
Lazer’s and bullets are what comes with the guise of the care takers protective means
Really its just a way of keeping us all conformed not informed

Oops regretfully we made a mistake – Poor ole granny
Who got lazered for looking sus
Was really a granny – a sweet ole granny
Not a big bad rock spider coming to get your kids!
Using head cases such as rock spiders rapist and terrorist Drug addicts dealers & miscellaneous efforts of breaking the peace
are the lollies to keep us at bay – Those who dare to question
Immediately will be looked upon with intent
So you wont see any body rushing to their defence

Yes we think we are being moral about this ~ we are being humane
Now we just turn our own key
and lock ourselves in
Keeping the world safe


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