Fragile Survival



The blossoms slight of pink

fragile life

Yet the strength it takes in the seasons

to survive and bear the fruit

Often too cold

or the soil
hardened by the fired sun

These blooms like a woman
so like a child

soft gentle blossoms
soft gentle child

How fragile seems a woman
especially with child

So like the blossom on the tree

these fragilities of life

can survived

even the worst of life
for some
children like the blossom
their birth comes too early
Only survives
against all odds

Like the blossoms that looks so gentle

soft, fragile of bloom
so is life

Not so fragile are we
in life
We are none of us permanent
We are none of us fragile
Only fragile to the possibility
of life’s abruptness to end

So like the blossoms
that have the strength to bear the fruit

We are an endless possibility

       to the survival of our life 



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