Another Time

how hard for you

it must have been

to take that tiny step

ants climb mountains

build castles out of

tiny grains of sand

I never asked you for this

just one tiny step

to mine

now your rabid mind

has bitten you mad

even giant steps

wont reach this time

did you really think

you were immortal

there’s is only one more step

left for you now

and that is for the making

of leaving this world behind

How I wish

you could have found that tiny tiny step

in time with mine

my mother


One thought on “Another Time

  1. Stunning! Brought tears to my eyes… Made me think of my mom… She doesn’t have many years left but with the little strength that she has, she will climb mountains and brave roughest seas to protect me…that fierce is her love for me! I am blessed…and thank you for this poem… it reminded me that I take her love for granted! @santhaG


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