The loneliest place in the world


on the edge of life



by the merest

of a line

not of the heart

or life

a line so faint

Yet there it is

in the corner of the mouth


If one didn’t know

what to look for

you would miss it

which is constantly happening

Who would have missed her


This is not me asking you

the reader

a question

That’s her in her loneliness

she believes she has no one in her life

that would give a sod arse if she vanished


She uses these words because she is scared of the L word

Can’t bring herself to say it


She would be quite right to think this way

if you cared to examine her life

you would see she actually has No one

Well no one that is involved with her

in her by her next to her

above her below her

and yes

she is female

the loneliest place in the world



is also a place

a place filled with loneliness

a place where the lonely are so often thrown



and anyway is a hard and dark place

and its where she is

and she is sinking


trying to grasp on to the very edge

of anyway

and its taking every bit of energy

to hold on

for anyway was not made for connections

anyway is something that has many variants

it is random

the only constant about anyway

is how constant it changes

and its not the place you want to be

when you’re  in Your loneliest place



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